09 Februari 2009

Questionnaire Design -- Membuat Kuesioner

Outline form:


A. Why difficult?

1. must valid and reliable

2. must communicate research intention

3. must be logic and clear

B. Phases

1. initial Planning

a) define problem and aim of the study

b) list of info to be collected/concepts to be measured

c) Formulate statistical analysis plan

d) Review literature, collect any existing measure

e) Compose draft

(1) question

(a) knowledge

(b) behavior

(c) attitude

(d) opinion

(e) Proxy (Regarding others)

2. Development of specific question

a) Goal

(1) Shorten the set of question

(2) Refine the remaining question

(a) terms & concept --> familiar and easy to understand

(i) Clarity

(ii) Simplicity

(iii) Neutrality

(b) cues and ordering --> stimulate recall

(c) unbiased and balanced

(i) open format

Open-ended question

(ii) close format

Closed-ended question

b) Pitfalls to avoid

(1) Double-barreled question --> use "and" or "or"

(2) Hidden assumption

(3) Question and answer option don't match

c) Other things to consider

(1) branching question

(2) (prospective) Diaries

3. Final construction

a) Formatting (lay out and design)

b) mode of administration

(1) self-administered

(2) interviews

c) software

(1) survey monkey

(2) Adobe Life Cycle Design

(3) Epi Info

(4) SPSS

(5) etc

d) other things to consider

(1) pre testing

(2) translation

(3) creating scales and summary scores

(4) Validation

(a) Face validity

(b) Content validity

(c) Construct validity

(5) Response Rate

(6) Incomplete or missing data

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